Pen pelvic variety

Pen pelvic variety

Xiao Wu Fei

The flower buds of the little dance concubine are long, the flower is yellow-white-red, the flower base is pale yellow, the middle is white, and the upper part of the petals is pale purple. The petals are single petals, which can be fruitful.

Green Lotus Girl

The flower buds of the green lotus girl are peach -like, the color of the skateboard is purple and red, with a diameter of about 10cm, flowers have more flowers, and the flowers are relatively strong.

Mei Hongzhitai

The color of the rose heavy table is purple rose red, the flower buds are peach type, and the diameter is 7 to 9 cm, which is a heavy platform type. The flowering period of each flower is about a week. The color is bright and bright, and the flowering flowers are lush. Because most of the pistils are valve, they are less strong.

snow White

This lotus flower is like his name. It is white and very fresh and elegant. The flower buds are peach -type, with a diameter of about 12cm. Because most of the pistils are petalized or bubble, the flowers are small, and the flowers are double -petal type.

Red bowl

Red bowl lotus is a traditional bowl of lotus. It is red and purple. The diameter of the flower is about 10cm, and the flowers bloom more. Because the pistil is soaked, it is less strong.

There are many types of pelvic lotus, such as Yangcheng bowl lotus, welcome hibiscus, etc. Xiaobian will not introduce them here. The appearance and meaning of the pelvic lotus are very good. Friends who are interested can try it.

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