Peony breeding method and precautions

Peony breeding method

Light temperature

牡 牡 喜 全 照. When the ray is too strong, it is properly shade at noon to avoid spherical burns. In winter, it is necessary to sufficient sunshine, such as light, no football, becomes bleak.

Selection of flower pots

The flower pot should be paid to two points.

The flower pot can be used in a lanceolastic flower pot, and the pottery is best.

The size of the flower pot, the peony is suitable for a pot of 1 to 2 cm than the potted pots.


The peony uses a sandy soil that is good in gray-gray drainage.

Can be added to coal residue (or volcanic rock), rot leaveso, sand, garden soil, etc.

The soil should be fresh, and then disinfected, kill the eggs.


绯 喜 喜 moist soil, drought resistance.

Spring, summer, autumn is the growth season of peony, spray the sphere 1 to 2 days.

In the autumn, in the winter, the spring and early Spring Peony are in half-sleep, strictly control water, so that the pots are dried without dry, and the basin is dry after drying.

After the temperature rise in spring, it begins to grow, and gradually increase the amount of water to keep the soil moist.

When the heat is hot in summer, the growth is stagnant, and it should be seen to drink wetland.


Peony has little to fertilizer, but it should also guarantee a certain nutrient supply. Fertilizes once a month in the growth period.

Peony breeding precautions

Breeding method

With grafting reproduction, grafting is in spring, early summer, often used to do roards.

Pest Control

The pests of peony mainly has stem rot, brown spot disease, red spiders, chingers, etc. Do a good job in preventive measures.

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