Peony breeding method

Plant time

Peony likes sunshine, cold-resistant, the temperature requirements can be low, suitable for hot, summer high temperature season is easy to grow, so autumn is the best season of planting peony.

Soil requirements

The peony is a meat root, and the family in the family must choose loose, fertile slightly acidic sand. Try not to speculate in the soil, if the alkaline of the soil is too large, it is easy to cause yellow leaves, and even withered death.

Fertilizer maintenance

Usually, the peony can be placed outdoors, and the 点 点 小雨 is no problem, nor does it need to be watered frequently. When the amount of water in the peony needs is before and after flowering, or when the spring weather is dry, the number of watering can be increased.

The topdress should also be properly controlled, usually three times a year, the first time in the spring, the freshemow quickly pulled out, and the other two times in the leaves and flower buds, mainly, the application is mainly, and it is also called for flowering.

Plastic surgery

In order to make the peony flowers, it is very important to grow and strengthen, and the plastic surgery is very important. The pruning of peony mainly includes the work of drying, pruning, screaming, sulking, shearing, mainly according to the growth of peony, growing and robust varieties, can repair it into a single-piece variety Generally, it is generally possible to cut the thin sickness and retain strong branches.


Don’t transfer often

After the peony is planted, it cannot be transplanted frequently. Otherwise, it will damage the root, affect growth and flowering, and change the basin in a general case, and then send soil during this time.

Cut away the dead leaves in time

Potted peony, the frost declined to remove the thickened leaves to avoid breeding insects. In winter, you don’t need to move the peony to the room, you can put it on the balcony or the sun under the roof, avoid the snow, the basin should not be too dry.


Before the peony, the side buds appeared, and the excess flower buds were taken in time, so they could concentrate, and the top buds have been concentrated. After Huaying, if you don’t intend to collect seeds, cut the pedicel to avoid agrump.

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