People who love life grow fruit trees on the balcony, appreciate flowers and vegetables, and plant themselves


Kumquats are relatively common, with high ornamental fruit trees, and after being improved, the plant shape is short and will not take up a lot of space. Huang Cancan’s fruits, emerald leaves, very beautiful! Come to the guests at home, the latest picked kumquat is the best fruit!


Lemon is also a good choice for balcony potted plants. Especially for women, you can pick fresh lemon, make mask or make lemonade.


If you want to eat fresh strawberries at home, you don’t have to go to the greenhouse to spend money to pick it up. You can pick it up on the balcony! Strawberries are usually planted in late summer and early autumn, and spring can be harvested in spring! Or in the spring, sowing well, wait for the strawberries you planted late next year!


Grapes grow up, so pay attention to given more positions on the balcony. If you feel that the growth of the vine grows, you can often trim it and let it grow upright. Make good maintenance, you can receive a bunch of delicious grapes in autumn!

The above fruit trees are small seedlings purchased directly, and they have cultivated short -shaped sapling. If you want to plant from the seeds, it is too time!

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