Performance of lack of moon

Different elements deleted performance

There will be some problems caused by fertilization during the growth process of the row, and the small compact here will tell you what different performances will be in the case of the short fertilizer in the absence of different fertilizers. Conservation in the ground.

Plants (including the fierce season) show the performance of various trace elements:

Lack of nitrogen

The anthrotic expression begins with the old leaves. Specifically, a uniform lack of green, the plant is abnormal, and the leaves are yellow, and the leaves will be detached. The symptoms of the lack of green appear from the old leaves and spread to the new leaf.


The performance of phosphorus is generated from the old leaves. Specifically, abnormal dark green, sometimes accompanied by the appearance of grayspots or purple spots. The old blade color is blue and a lot of purple, the edge of the leaf is purple, and the leaf tip will die.

Lack of potassium

The performance of potassium is generated from the old leaves. The twin leaf plant is specifically a mottled lack of green part, followed by a necrotic region along the edge of the leaves and the leaf, slowly producing curl until the buddh is black. Sub-leaf plants specifically for the top of the blade and the edge cells are necrosis, then develop to the bottom.

Calcium deficiency

The performance of calcium deficiency begins with the new leaf. Specifically, the young blade leaves and leaf edges are necrosis, and the buds will then die, the root will then stop growing and discolored, and finally death. The plant is growing abnormally, a dark wrinkle occurs. Pottar appears along the edge of the leaves.


The performance of magnesium is generated from the old leaves. Specifically, there is a lack of green, and there is a plaque. Sometimes it will be red, orange, etc., which will have a small area of ​​necrosis.


The performance of lack of sulfur is similar to the deficiency, and the leaves will be green and yellowing, and the growth is abnormal. However, lack of performance is usually produced from seedlings.

Iron deficiency

The performance of iron deficiency is produced from young leaves. Specifically, there is a significant lack of green phenomenon between the cascade, and the severe cases will be burned.

Zinc deficiency

The performance of zinc deficiency is extremely relatively abnormal, and the blade exhibits a severe malformation. The leaves are strip-shaped pigmentation, and the old leaves are also a general manifestation of zinc deficiency.

Lack of blend

The performance of the odontic boron is the final death of the blade strain and the depth of the leaves, the branches and roots.


The phranian manifestation is specifically a small necrotic spot in the lack of green, young leaves and old leaves. However, it is necessary to distinguish between brown spot disease, bacterial spots.


The performance of copper is produced from young leaves. Specifically, the necrosis of the tip is black and the leaves are withered.


Deficbum is initially manifested as a lack of green and necrosis between the old leaf veins, and some will slowly die slowly.


The specific manifestation of hybrine is the case of the blade, and then there is a lack of green and necrotic death until it becomes bronze.

Although the article is long, it is full of scientific knowledge! This time, no matter which element is missing, you will know which fertilizer should I solve it? Drop the accumulation, “brick home” can also change experts!

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