Phalaenopsis of family maintenance points

Phalaenopsis maintenance points 1: Reasonable temperature

Phalaenopsis is warm and wet, so we must pay attention to the temperature when we raise Phalaenopsis at home. In routine, the minimum temperature during the growth period of Phalaenopsis should be maintained at 15 ° C, the suitable temperature is 18-28 ° C, and the flowering period is at the flowering period. The temperature should be kept at 23-25 ​​° C. In particular, it is the summer and winter seasons. In summer, in order to avoid excessive temperature and hurt flowers, pay more attention to ventilation and cooling. The temperature is low in winter, which may cause the Phalaenopsis to stop absorbing water and stop growing, causing the plant to die. Therefore, pay attention to thermal insulation work in winter.

Phalaenopsis maintenance points two: suitable Rizhao

Phalaenopsis should be placed on the bed with sufficient light and smooth ventilation. It is easy to affect plant growth and infect pests in the dark, but also pay attention to the burns of light at high temperature. It is necessary to do a good job of ventilation and heatstroke prevention, but also prepare for shading.

Phalaenopsis maintenance points 3: Reasonable humidity

Insufficient humidity in the air will cause the leaves of Phalaenopsis to wrinkle. Therefore, Phalaenopsis is suitable for growing in an environment with a humidity of 50%-80%of the air. During the flowering process, a basin can be placed next to the flower pot to increase the humidity.

Phalaenopsis maintenance points 4: Reasonable fertilization

Phalaenopsis must be fertilized throughout the year. In spring and summer, it is recommended to apply fertilizer every week. It is recommended to apply phosphorus fertilizer every half month in autumn and winter.

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