Phnom Penh biscuits breeding method and precautions

Breeding method

Soil: Flowers such as Phnom Penh are not picky about the soil, as long as it is fertile, loose, and drainable sandy soil.

Watering: During its growth period, it is necessary to keep the soil humid, and the number of watering times can be appropriately increased. Due to the high temperature in summer, it evaporates rapidly, so the number of watering is also increased, and the surrounding and plants are often given to plants and plants. Water spraying on the surface; the time of the water rain season can be delayed; the amount of watering should be reduced in winter; although Phnom Penh spider orchid has a certain drought tolerance, but for it to grow healthily It is not time to water water at any time.

Sunshine: Only light can grow normally, but it also allows them to expose the sun appropriately. In spring and autumn, you need to avoid the sun in the afternoon. In the summer, you can only expose the sun in the morning or evening. In winter, you can put it in the sun all day, so that the color of its leaves can be brighter.

Fertilization: If the fertilizer is insufficient, the leaves will lose their original color, and the top of the leaves will slowly turn yellow. It can be fertilized once every 2 weeks of growth.


Temperature: In winter, as long as the temperature is guaranteed to be more than ten degrees Celsius, the winter can be safe; the temperature in summer is high, and there is no need to consider the cooling problem in a good ventilation environment.

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