Phoenix’s breeding method and precautions

The breeding method of Fengweilan

Soil and fertilization

If the potted soil is mixed with rotten soil and coarse sand, when the pot needs to be changed in spring, the old soil of the plant root needs to be removed, and then the dry roots and roots are cut off. It is also necessary to cut off the old leaves. Plants can be applied once a month or two organic liquid fertilizers per month.


The plants of Fengweilan are more resistant to drought. Generally, as long as it is not dry, wet, it can grow well, but it should be noted that it should be poured in summer, and it is best to spray the leaves every day. The humidity of the air, so the color of the leaves will be more beautiful. After entering the winter, it usually stops growing, and it is necessary to control water and fertilization at this time.

Growth environment

Phoenix is ​​suitable for warm and humid and sunshine environments. It is drought -resistant, cold -resistant and shade, and is not strict with the soil. It is very adaptable.

Precautions for Fengweilan breeding

Disease and its prevention and treatment

The common pests and insect pests in Fengweilan are spots and leaf spots. If they suffer from two diseases, they can be sprayed with a 0%methyl Buerfin wettable powder 1000 times liquid.

Pests and its prevention

Common pests in Fengwei orchid include scriptworms, medium, and night moths. If you are infected with pests above, you can use 40%oxidation to be sprayed with 1000 times liquid.

The above is the breeding method and precautions of Fengweilan. If you cultivate carefully, you will definitely gain!

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