Ping Po’s breeding method and precautions

Ping Po’s growth habit

Ping Po’s branches and leaves are lush and the crown is very dense. It has a high garden and ornamental value. In addition, Ping Po is still a plant with often green leaves. In addition, the fruit is bright red, which adds a touch of color to itself. Ping Po is happy and wet, with strong vitality, and strong adaptability. It is not only resistant to barren but also wind resistance. Therefore, Ping Po’s breeding is relatively simple and easy. Ping Po’s annual output is relatively small, so many sacrifice Ping Po is a fake Ping Po, so the flower friends have to polish their eyes.

The requirements of Ping Po’s growth on light

Although Ping Po is a plant with strong vitality and strong adaptability, the requirements for light are also relatively high. We have mentioned in Ping Po’s growth habits that Ping Po is a kind of plant with wet and wet, so It is best to ensure that the light of more than eight hours a day, in the spring and autumn of the wind and the sun, can be placed on the balcony for a long time during the day, but in the summer with strong sunlight, it is necessary to At noon, the shading treatment is performed to avoid excessive sunlight, which makes Ping Po sluggish or even die.

The humidity requirements of Ping Po grow

Ping Po is a kind of wet plant. Therefore, when breeding, you must not only maintain the moisture of Ping Po’s growth environment, but also maintain the moistness of Ping Po’s growth soil. Generally, the humidity of the growth environment is between 50 % and 65 %. In addition to the soil, it should not be barren except wet, and use fat soil.

Precautions for Ping Po Barn

The precautions should correspond to the characteristics of Ping Po. Ping Po Xiyang, so it should be given sufficient light when breeding, but in summer, avoid strong light, and appropriate shielding treatment at noon. In addition, Ping Po is wet, but it is not resistant to waterlogging. In the end, the soil planted by Ping Po should be loose, breathable and humid, and the fertile soil is better than ordinary soil.

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