Planting and precautions for lotus

When is the lotus flowering

If lotus seeds are sowing with lotus seeds, the main factors to consider are temperature. The appropriate temperature of the lotus sowing is between 17 ° C -24 ° C, but the specific sowing time is actually changed according to regional and climate change. Basically, the Yangtze River area is better between the middle and late April and May, and the northern region will be slightly later.

Precautions for lotus sowing

If the lotus seeds of the lotus are sowing, they must first break it. Because the lotus seeds are too hard, after leaking it out of the seeds, it should be soaked for a few days. After the leaves grow out of the leaves, sowing.

When the lotus sowing, it should be noted that its seeding temperature requirements are relatively high. Generally, when it is 8-10 ° C, it begins to grow at 14 ° C. Therefore, when sowing, the temperature is best above 15 ° C.

Note that in summer, it is the time when the lotus grows, so the demand for water at this time is very high. At this time, the flower pot cannot be dehydrated, and the water level is best not to submerge the leaves. In addition, the demand for fertilizers in the summer is also relatively high. It is necessary to supplement fertilizer in time to avoid poor growth.

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