Planting flowers and planting vegetables is worse than planting, can be eaten, can enjoy and sell money

passion fruit

1. Choose seeds, you can buy it directly, or you can choose the old passion fruit. Dig out the seeds inside to clean it, and choose to dig seeds!

2. Prepare the seedling box, you can use the yogurt box at home, or other plastic boxes, clean it, and pour a few holes at the bottom. Huahua is actually compared to the yogurt box ~

3. Fill in the nutrient soil in the seedling box, then put the seeds on the soil one by one, and sprinkle with a thin layer of soil.

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4. Wet the soil surface with spray, and then put it in a well -ventilated scattering light. Waiting for germination. Note that the surface of the soil should be kept moist all the time.

5. After germination, after 3 ~ 4 pairs of true leaves grow, fake planting must be performed, find a plastic cup, and pierced a few holes at the bottom. 6. Plant the Passion fruit in a disposable paper cup together. Note that you cannot damage the root system, compact the soil, and pour water. 7. When it is full of a disposable cup, you can transplant the passion fruit into the flower pot. Note that one flower pot can only plant one plants, and the size of the flower pot should be large! 8. Wait until 5 months, build a shelf for Passion Guo, and let it climb up.

9. Then wait for flowering and fruit!


1. Select the branches of the adult tree, strong and insect pests. Each branch of each branch is about 15-20 cm in length, and 2 bud points are retained.

2. Soak the branches in the water for 2-3 hours, remove the surface dirt, and then soak the lower end of the branches in the rooting agent solution for 5-10 minutes.

3. Cuttings can be selected for sand, and nutritional soil is also sex, but it is best to spray potassium permanganate or expose it in the sun before using it.

4. Prepare a plastic bottle, cut off the upper part of the plastic bottle, leave only half of the part, install river sand or nutrition soil, and pour water.

5. Use the wooden stick to poke several small holes on the surface of the river sand, insert the branches into the small hole gently, then compact the soil, place it in a gist and ventilated place, and wait for the long root.

6. After a few weeks, the branches will take root. Through transparent plastic bottles, we can see that the root system is full of the entire bottle.

7. Perm the original soil -free fruit branches and transplant it into the flower pot. Be careful not to be short of water. When you see that the leaves have mild wilting, they must be watered in time. Of course, they cannot be poured too much. Be careful to ensure sufficient light.


1. Prepare bottles, scissors, branches, cotton, flower pots, sand, etc.

2. Leave two buds on the strip of each section for cuttings. When cutting the strip, note that it is best to arrange the mouth on the buds, which will improve the formation of the wounded tissue. 3. The small bottle is filled with water, inserts the cutting mouth of the strip into the bottle, exposes two buds, and fills the gap between the bottle mouth and the branches with cotton.

4. After that, the entire bottle sand was buried into the large flower pot, and only the bottle mouth was exposed. Keep the sand moist.

5. About 20 days to a month, you can grow a large amount of root system near the mouth of the bottle.

6. The rooted seedlings are planted directly in the flower pot!

7. Now pour water for 2 to 3 days to keep the soil moist, but you can’t accumulate water. Wait until July to October next year, you can eat grapes! how about it? Are you exciting? If you still plant other fruits at home, you can leave a message to tell Huahua ~

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