Pomegranate flower breeding method and precautions

Farming method


The pomegranate can be planted in the four seasons, but the best in early spring and autumn. However, the north-year is slightly different, North Chunnan Autumn, suitable for time planting, more beneficial to pomegranate growth.

Planting pomegranate generally chooses a complete, bud-filled high-quality seedlings, choose a deep pot, deep planting, and a certain amount of base fertilizer, and placed in the sun.

Water fertilizer management

Pomegranate drought resistance is not resistant, so pay attention to timely drainage in usual maintenance, preventing excessive watering of plants from poor growth. Of course, in the three periods, the three periods should be taken to water in these three periods before the germination period, the fruit expansion, and ensure that the soil is poorly orifted.

Just planted, it is necessary to add fertilizers, adding an appropriate amount of urea in fertilizer. Fertilizers must be fertilized before the fall in autumn, which is usually buryed next to the plants, basin planting, so that the fertilizer is far from the root to avoid roots. Fertilizers also need to be fertilized during the fruit period. In addition, in the growth season, according to the growth of the plants, it is mainly chasing, nitrogen fertilizer is mainly, and phosphorus potassium fertilizer is increased in time.

Guaranteed sunshine

Pomegranate is a positive plant. When people have not found the beauty of pomegranate, pomegranate flowers have been a food, and there is a rain in the sun. It is also very good. Therefore, the pomegranate potted in the family must ensure that enough sunshine, as long as it is not short, it doesn’t matter if it is glare.

Plastic surgery

The principle of pomegranate trim is: tangible is not dead, invisible. So in trim, depending on the growth space of each branch, the branches are sufficiently growing space, allowing them to continue to grow, while the gripping can be repaired.



The amount of pomegranate is relatively large, and it can be blooming for a long time from May. Since the pomegranate flowers must eat pomegranate. So when flowering in pomegranate, the small flower is cut off in time, so that the results are large and the quality is good.

Flower cyclic peeled

Typical peeling is performed in early May, which has temporary blocking photosynthetic organic nutrients to transport downwards.

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