Potted African Africa Five Breeding Precautions

African bonette planting flower pots should be moderate in size

When breeding Africa, choosing a flower pot is very important, and the size must be appropriate. African itself is a relatively short plant, and the root system is not developed. So when choosing a flower pot, you can choose the right one according to its plant.

African 合 should choose suitable soil

When breeding African ,, the soil you choose should meet the growth of African tadpoles. It likes loose and fertile and slightly acidic soil, so you can choose this category when potted Africa. It is usually mixed with rotten soil plus sand or peat soil.

African light is appropriate

When breeding Africa, it is worth noting that it likes sufficient light, but avoid direct sunlight, because direct light light is easy to burn the leaves of African 堇, making it yellow or even withered. However, there is no lack of light. Too little light will affect the growth of African crickets, making it a small flowering, and hawthorn only does not bloom.

African water watering should be moderate amount

When breeding African crickets, it must meet its demand for water, but it should be appropriate when watering. Do not pour too much. If too much water, it will cause the accumulated water in the basin of the African cricket to make it rotten. At the same time, do not pour it on the leaves when watering, which will rot the leaves.

African 肥 fertilizer should be applied thin

When breeding Africa, not greedy for fertilization is usually about thin liquid fertilizer every 10 days. When choosing fertilizers, it is generally a fertilizer with a uniform nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium element. Be careful not to apply nitrogen fertilizer, and you can apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer when blooming. In summer, the temperature is high, and fertilization can be stopped. After the temperature drops, fertilization can be restored.

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