Potted citrus breeding method

Potted citrus breeding method

Temperature and light

Citrus is a southern fruit tree. It likes a warm and humid growth environment. It is suitable for the growth temperature of about 12-37 ° C.It is required to accept the sunshine time of 4-6 hours a day.


Keep the pot soil moist, watering through the water, and the drainage hole on the bottom of the pot is better.At the same time, avoid stagnant water and drain water in time, otherwise it is easy to cause rotten roots.


Adhere to the principle of “diligence”, a rotten liquid fertilizer should be applied before the plant sprouts, and liquid fertilizer is applied every 7-10, mainly nitrogen fertilizer, to promote its growth and multiple spring shoots.In the growth period of citrus, some cake fertilizer can be sprinkled to the pot surface to enhance fertility.After the autumn, fertilization is gradually reduced to avoid excess nutrition and cause fruiting.Autumn and winter strictly control fertilization.


Citrus is not strict with the soil. It is suitable to choose garden soil, and add an appropriate amount of river sand, plant ash mix with the rotten organic fertilizer and mix well.

Plastic pruning

Due to limited nutrients, potted citrus should be trimmed in time and reduced flowers.Generally, pots and soil are required to be replaced every 2 years, combined with trimming.

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