Potted small hibiscus maintenance method


The maintenance of small hibiscus is extremely important, and its growth is very fast, so farming needs to use a large flower pot, and if the management process is not properly managed, it will lead to yellow and unable to return to the sky.

The small hibiscus is like a sunshine, a hot flower, so the requirements for the sun, the small hibiscus should be moved during the maintenance process, preventing long-term use of a bias that grows in a direction. Summer weather is too hot, you need to place it in a balcony with scattered light, and maintain a ventilated summer.


Summer small hibiscus must pay attention to watering during the curing process, because the moisture makes the small hibiscus, the weather is too hot, and the temperature is taken once every day. If you forget to water, you will appear on a large piece of yellow fallen leaves.

When the direct temperature of the sun is too high, it must be watered once a day, watering should be put into water, and the small mausage will be easily dead if the water is lacking. Winter sleeping period should stop watering it.

Pelvic soil

Small hibiscus should choose a good breathable soil, soil breathable, so that water is slightly less than that of the small hibiscus root, the soil choices should use 50% of the garden and 50% Nutrition soil is mixed, the effect is very good.

Small hibixi growth is very fast, so you need to buy a slightly larger pots, such as pottery pottery pots, etc. In the autumn season, small hibiscus needs timely trimming, the long branches, sick branches, dead branches, short branches, shear, not too much, affect the growth and development of the following year.

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