Potting plantation method

Planting method


Plant the grafting seedlings in the appropriate flower pot. The matrix is suitable for the loam with deep soil layer and good drainage and breathability. The soil accounts for about 70-80%of the pot. There are also some broken tiles or stones on the bottom of the pot.


Loquat wet, keep the pot soil moist, increase the number of watering times in summer, and combine spray spray water to increase the surrounding air humidity.


Generally fertilizing 3-4 times a year.A fertilizer was applied before the spring shoots in late March, and the fertilizer was applied for the second time before harvesting in May.One thin fertilizer.

Pest Control

For the pests of potted coriander, it is mainly ventilated and drainage prevention.When the onset of the onset, it should be sprayed 700 times or 0.5-0.9%of the Bordeaux liquid for prevention.The prevention and treatment of insect pests can be used by manually killing, and at the same time, it can spray 90%of the crystalline enemies of 1,000 times to prevent control.

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