Precautions for flowering flowers in spring

Spring flowers need to be adaptive

In the autumn and winter seasons, because the flowers are in the room for a long time, warm and less windy. If you suddenly come out of the room in spring, it may make it difficult to adapt. Therefore, you need to exercise the adaptability of flowers early.

Before the spring flowers are out of the room, it can increase ventilation and light transmission, usually half a month before leaving the room. After moving the flowers out of the outdoors, at the beginning of the beginning, you can move out during the day, and then move back to the room at night. Wait for about 10 days to place it directly outside.

Secondly, because different flowers’ demand for the environment is different, it is generally necessary to move the potting to the outdoors in batches. You can first move the flowers with strong cold resistance to the outdoor, and the flowers with weak cold resistance are moved out later.

Spring flowers and plants should be sunscreen windshield

In spring, although light is not very strong, it is still more dangerous for some flowers. And in the spring, the growth of flowers and flowers will have a lot of adverse effects. Therefore, pay attention to sun protection in spring.

If the flowers are breeding outdoors, pay attention to the cloudy weather. If it is sunny, it needs to be shadeed at noon.

Secondly, windshields should be performed in spring to avoid the cold spring cold. We must also pay attention to the weather such as hail, and move the flowers back to the room in time.

Pay attention to water and fertilizer in spring flowers and plants

Pay attention to watering in spring. At this time, the plants will gradually return to growth, so pay attention to watering and fertilization. At this time, the amount of watering can be gradually increased to slowly adapt to growth. You can spray more water to keep the humidity. In fact, you do n’t need a lot of fertilization, and do n’t rush to fertilize, avoid fertilizing fertilizer. Generally, some nitrogen fertilizers can be applied first, and then decide whether to use phosphorus and potassium fertilizer according to the needs of the plant.

Flowers and plants in spring to change the pot and change the soil

In spring, the time for flowers and plants to turn the pot and soil, because at this time the soil in the flower pot may have lack of nutrients, and the root system grows too much, which is not suitable for its better growth.

Change the soil in spring, usually remove the soil and trim the root system to promote the growth of new roots. There will be room for the growth of flowers.

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