Precautions for ginseng banyan potted plants


In fact, most people know that when buying a pot of plants, the first is to slowly take the seedlings, so that the plants can grow normally after the plants adapt to the environment of the home.

Ginseng Rong is the same. When you just buy it home, you may drop the leaves. At this time, you can put it first in the half -yin for a period of time. After the pelvis is used, it will be touched normally, and the water and fertilizer management is performed normally.

Fixed position

In fact, most of the potted plants that buy home will be placed in a fixed position. If ginseng bongs choose the maintenance position, do not move often. Occasionally, it is possible to change it.

Keep ventilation

Frequent plants, ventilation is indispensable. Now the farmers ginseng banyan, most of them are maintained indoors, so that they will be in a closed block for a long time, poor air and poor ventilation, which will cause many growth problems, such as pests and insect pests and leaves. of. Be sure to ventilate frequently.

Rational trimming

In fact, trimming the ginseng banyan, mainly to maintain a good tree shape. If it is not trimmed for a long time, the growth of ginseng banyan will be more flooded and lose the value of viewing. Pruning is usually performed in spring.

Prevent and treat diseases and insect pests

Ginseng banyan pests are actually relatively rare. Occasionally there are sephyfront worms and can be insecticated. There may be other problems that need to be selected for reasonable rescue methods according to different symptoms.

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