Precautions for novice raising bonsai

Cultivated plant selection

In general, plants that can be made into bonsai are basically some trees and shrubs, and evergreen plants are also more common. Novices still choose to go to the flower shop to buy it, it is more suitable, rich and diverse, and everything is available. How can you choose, and the owner will bring you good recommendations and suggestions. When picking, pay attention to the appearance of the plant, try to choose some robust and beautiful shapes.

Although it is more economical and more economical, such as pressing strips, cutting, etc., can also exercise the practical ability of flower friends, after all, it is a bit difficult for novices. First, familiarize with simple maintenance methods, and then try high difficulty.

Flower pot selection

People can take a pair of shoes that are suitable for their feet to go out of the way by clothes and gold. This is the case for people. When a novice breeding potted plants, you should also pay attention to this problem, and configure a suitable container for the plants you choose, which can not only ensure the coordination of the appearance, but also avoid the non -matching of the plant root system and the container. For example, a strong root -based plant, you have a stingy container, naturally cannot meet normal growth.

Also remember that there must be small holes at the bottom of the flower pot. This is the drainage pores that should be reserved by any potted plant.

Daily care

At about a year, it is basically a pot soil replacement when the plant sprouts in spring. In addition, the management of the water and light of the plants should be carefully taken daily.

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