Precautions for orchid maintenance


Pay attention to the place where the orchids are placed. Generally, in spring, summer and autumn, because the light is better, orchids are generally maintained in open fields, placed in a slightly hidden place, and can be moved indoors in winter.

Note that if you cultivate orchids outdoors, it is generally necessary to keep empty. The indoor is usually maintained from south, placed on a shelf or a table, and do not place it on the ground.

Pay attention to concealment

Orchids are semi -negative plants, and they are more afraid of strong light, so pay attention to concealment when breeding. Generally, light is more suitable in other seasons. It can be exposed to sunlight. Especially around noon.

Pay attention to rainproof

Many plants actually don’t like rain, as well as orchids. When breeding orchids, although it can be dried with little rain, it is necessary to pay attention to preventing rain when it is moldy or rainy for a long time.

When it rains more, keep water without water. When it is rainy, it usually needs to be watered in the evening after the rain, and it is good to discharge the heat in the flower pot. If a big sun appears after the rain, it should be shaded in time.

Pay attention to the cold prevention

Generally, Chunlan Xialan has a strong cold resistance, but when it is frozen at low temperature, it is necessary to put them into the room in time. Qiulan generally needs to prepare for cold prevention early, especially in Hanlan.

Generally, it is placed indoors, and when the temperature is too low.

Pick flowers in time

Picking flowers to orchids is actually taking off the poor growth flowers. Generally, 1-2 flower buds are kept, and the rest can be opened better.

When the orchid blooms, it usually needs to be cut off for a few days, so that the growth of the branches and leaves will be better.

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