Precautions for planting vanilla plants in the balcony

Balcony breeding environment

The environment for breeding is important for vanilla plants.

We need to know the growth habits of the vanilla plants we choose, and then see if our balcony is in line with the light and whether the temperature is in line.

There are also the growth characteristics of vanilla plants, such as some of them, some of which are born in years, and some will die after flowering. They need to choose the appropriate planting season to avoid adverse phenomena such as non -flowering.

Secondly, different plants should choose different flower pots. When choosing flower pots, pay attention to the growth habits of plants.

Flexible maintenance method

Femostic vanilla plants need to have flexible maintenance methods.

It’s like watering, usually when the soil is a bit dry, the leaves are more thick and fleshy, and less watering is relatively small.

Although we all cultivate vanilla on the balcony, it is good to keep it. It still depends on how to maintain it.

Do not use pesticides

Nourishing vanilla plants on the balcony, note that there is generally no need to use pesticides. Many vanilla plants themselves have a strong and special smell, and they have the effect of avoiding pests. At this time, there is no need to use pesticides. Some pests that are not affected by odor, we generally do not use pesticides, we can catch ourselves.

Be sure to take preventive measures.

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