Precautions for potted red leaves

Potted red leafyin plant and container selection

When the potted red leafterin is the first to choose plants and containers. Under normal circumstances, the potted red leafkinnin is cut by cutting, so when choosing a plant, you can choose cutting seedlings, container cuttings and tissue to cultivate small seedlings.

When choosing a container, you can choose according to the size of the plant. In fact, there are many containers in the market to choose from, so there are still a lot of room when choosing. You can consider life, reusing usage, and so on.

The soil of the potted red leaves

When the potted red leaf river, you must choose the right soil. There are many mediums that can be selected, such as fine sand, peat soil, perlite, coconut bran, etc. Select several suitable ones, mix it to configure it.

It should be noted that when configuring the soil, maintain the breathability and drainability of the soil, so you can choose in this direction when choosing a medium. The configuration soil is best to keep pH between 5.5-6.5.

Potted red leafkinine on the pot

When the potted red leafterin is also important, the pot is also very important. Basically, pay attention when you put on the basin, the root system stretchs, the plants should be upright, and do not bury it too deeply.

In addition, in order to ensure the growth of red leaf 此, you can add some base fertilizers when configuring the soil. Usually, pay attention to changing pots in a timely manner and do a good job of water and fertilizer management.

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