Precautions for succulents

Succulent plants for potting pots

Frequent succulents should be replaced in the appropriate time. Because it does not change the pot for a long time during breeding, there is not much nutrients, so it is important to change the basin properly.

Generally, the succulent plants are replaced with pots. It is better in spring, and it is not suitable for changing pots in summer. When changing the pot, you need to replace it with a new flower pot, and it is best to replace the new soil at the same time.

Succulent plant flower pots need to change soil at the same time

This is important to change the succulent plants while changing the pot. This is very important. Because when breeding succulent, there is no pot for a long time, so the nutrients are insufficient. It is best to replace the new soil.

Generally, when changing new soil for succulent plants, pay attention to it. It is better to use loose and breathable granular soil. Pay attention to keep the soil breathable. Generally, several granular soils can be selected to mix together, so that the soil configured soil is better.

Precautions for succulent plants

When changing succulent plants, pay attention to trim the root system, which is conducive to the slow seedlings of the plant, so that it can better grow and improve the survival rate of pots.

During the roots, we must cut the rotten roots and sick roots. The long root system should be cut short, which can promote the growth of the new roots.

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