Precautions for watering in green dill

How to judge whether to water

You must know when Green Luo can water it, and you must judge well.

You can insert a small wooden stick into the soil and take it out in a few minutes. If you find that the wooden stick is not humid, then water it. If you find that the wooden stick is still wet, then don’t rush to water at this time.

The second is to look at the dry and wetness of the soil. If the soil on the surface is dry, then look at the internal soil, and the internal soil is mostly dry, then it is necessary There is no need to water.

There is also a look at the leaves. If the leaves are not very spiritual, they are ah, and it is short of water.


Pay attention to watering the green dill, choose the right frequency, do not always water, and do not water it for a long time. Otherwise, the green dill is easy to dry or wet, and it is easy to rot the yellow leaves.

When watering, pay attention to the water permeability of the soil. Generally, the soil with good water permeability will be evenly watered. Otherwise, when the watering is watering, it feels that the watering is enough, but in fact, some places still have not been poured. I thought it had been watering and poured well, but it was actually not poured so that it was very bad for the plants.

Also, pay attention to watering green Luo, be careful not to do it at noon with a high temperature anymore. Generally, you choose to water it in the evening or in the morning. There are too much temperature, which can easily stimulate the plants.

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