Prices of flowers and cuckoo farming methods and precautions

Tube flower azalea farming method


The most alkaline soil in the cuckoo cuckoo should be used to use good breathability and rich humus. If the cultivation of alkaline soil will cause the plant to grow poorly, it will cause death in severe cases.


Guan Hua Dujuan likes light but is afraid of the sun, likes to ventilate, but is afraid of strong wind. When planting and maintenance indoors, try to put it in the wind of Yangyang, and the environmental temperature can be maintained at 18-22.


Prices of cuckoo like wet soil, often wet and not dry in the indoor pot soil. Watering must be strictly controlled. If you find that the tender leaves are slightly withered, it indicates that the potting soil is short of water. At this time, you can spray water at the leaves and then water the roots. In winter, water spray is mainly sprayed and supplemented by watering.


In order to maintain the acidity of the soil, you should appropriately apply some alum fertilizer water, or you can also add a small amount of iron sulfate to the water. When changing pots for plants, you can add an appropriate amount of slow release fertilizer.

Precautions for flowering cuckoo farming

The watering of the flowers of the cuckoo is different. It is better to dry the soil in winter, and it is advisable to be humid in the summer. The growth of plants in spring and autumn is relatively strong, and watering must be sufficient but not excessive.

If the cuckoo is poured with tap water, it is best to dry for a day or two first. When the soil is not dry, do not water it, and water it will be poured as soon as it is watering.

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