Primary flower breeding method

Farming time

Primary flowers are cultured in a seeded manner, suitable for sowing in January-September. It can be planted at the end of June of the year. The temperature in summer is high, and the small seedlings of transplants are low, so certain maintenance is required, and they are placed in a cool place.

The temperature is not so high in the 8-September, and it is more convenient to raise it, but the development period of the spring flowers is short. The plant growth is relatively small, the flowering period is short, if it is unreasonable, it will reduce the spring flower. View value. Therefore, it is most suitable when the seed is mature.

Farming skills

When the pelvic plants are cultivated, the seeds should be evenly spread evenly, and then compact surface with a smooth glass or template, which is conducive to the nutrient absorption and root of seeds.

The seeds are small, do not in the production, use the soil water method to irrigate, put the basin soil in the water, waiting for the soil moist in the basin, place it in a cool place, cover the glass. It can sprout in the two weeks, remove the glass, and gradually increase its photosynthesis.

Soil selection

The pelvic soil of the spring should be selected from the contralateral soil and the mixed loam of the addition of small amounts of base fertilizer. Soil should be used to use loose fertilizer, well-ventilated microbic soil, which is conducive to the development of the root.

Transplanting on the basin

When the 2-3 sheets of true leaf, the pot is selected for 7cm. It is most suitable to wait for the seedlings to apply a rotuous liquid fertilizer after the seedlings. After one and a half months, the basin is changed to a pot of 13-15 cm.

The flower period of the Spring Festival should be applied once a week, and maintain the moist of the soil, it is not too dry; winter soil over wet evaporation and absorption can cause rotten roots of plants, so it should reduce the watering of plants.

The summer is more difficult. If you want to continue to flow in the year, you should make it safely, put the plants after the brought, put in a cool and ventilated place, prevent the sun wind blow, reduce water. When hot is hot, it should sprinkle water to the ground, maintain a certain humidity, etc.

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