Pufuflower breeding method and precautions

Farming method

Sowing method

Pufuhua is generally based on sowing breeding, a small amount of cutting, and the sowing is more in early September. At this time, the climate is getting cold. The cultivating soil was formulated by 6 pieces of humorite, and founded directly in “shallow pot” or “shallow”, it is not smooth, and the “basin bottom immersion method” is given water, and the glass or plastic is covered. The cloth seal is maintained at 13 to 15 ° C, and the seedlings are taken after one week.

After the seedlings, the glass, plastic cloth is removed, which is ventilated to prevent falling disease. Gradually, make the seedlings grow vigorously, and the room temperature is maintained at 20 ° C. When the seedlings grow 2 tri-leaf, the pound is basized.

Ventilation and shade

Pufu is cold, and the growth temperature is about 10 ° C. Such as the stem and leaves are developed, and the wetness of the potting soil has a large plus, which will make the plant stem rotten leaves. In order to reduce the temperature, it is often made in noon to create a cool environment. In particular, when the seeds of spring flowers to 5 to June, they must do a good job in ventilation and cover up at noon, which is beneficial to seed development mature.

Watering and fertilizing

Pu bag is warm and humid environment, but there is too much water in the pot soil, and it is generally watering when it is dry in the pot soil. If it is in the greenhouse, it is better to increase air humidity. Watering cannot be directly graded, such as water gains in the blade and buds, easy to cause rot. When the flower growth season, every 10 days of compulstripe cake is fertilized once (dilution 10 times), and the phosphorus-based fertilizer is applied, and the fertilization is not allowed to pollute the leaves, so as not to rotten.


Soil requirements

Pufuhua is more stringent to soil, and it is not suitable for the soil. It should be loose, and the venting sand is rich in breathable. In addition, a small amount of bone powder or base fertilizer is added to the soil, and the soil is to be disinfected before use.

It is very important to cover Yin

Appropriate light can promote popcorn flowers, but can also lead to in advance. Be careful in indoor maintenance, it is necessary to cover Yin before October, and October to March of the next year, it is not necessary to bloom, and after flowering, avoid direct light.

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