Purple breeding method and precautions

Purple breeding method


Ziwu’s adaptability to the soil is very strong, you can choose sunshine, good drainous soil, such as loose fertile sandy waves, but the heavy clay is preferably not planted, and the growth will be poor.


Ziwu is warm and humid climate, and the seeds can germinate above 5 ° C, suitable at 18-23 ° C, and the seedling period can be resistant to 1-2 ° C.


As a short period of growth, the fertilization of fertilization is dominated by nitrogen.

Precautions for purple sow

Maintain a suitable temperature

Purple plants are slower in lower temperatures, and the summer is growing, so maintaining temperature at 18-23 ° C, relative humidity 75% -80%.

By fertilization, nitrogen is mainly

Because Ziwu is incorporated by whole grass, it will be based on nitrogen fertilizer, and do not touch the leaves when fertilizing.

Pay attention to watering

If there is no rain in a long time, after planting or transplanting, it is necessary to water in time, and the rainy season pays attention to drainage, prevents the water and removal.

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