Purple Dian Triagrass and Precautions

Breeding method

It is the nutrient soil or river sand, mud carbon such as cutting. Household cuttings is limited to the ideal cutting matrix. It is recommended to use the cutting matrix that has been prepared and disabled; in the middle of the rough river sand, but it is rinsed several times before use. Do not use the river sand in seafood and saline, they are not suitable for the growth of floral plants.

Branches used to cut cuts are called interiith. The stem should be cut into 5 ~ 8 cents long, and each section has more than three leaf joints, and you can use the top of the tip.

Temperature requirements

The optimum temperature of the spike root root is 18 ° C ~ 25 ° C, below 18 ° C, difficult to get root, slowly; higher than 25 ° C, the cutting of the cutout is easily rotted, the higher the temperature, the ratio of rot big. When the cutting is low, the incubation measures are mainly packaged with a film with a film to be cut into cut. When the temperature is too high, the temperature elimination is mainly shading, and it is necessary to cover the sun. 50 ~ 80%, at the same time, spray the cutout, 3 ~ 5 times a day, the number of times the temperature is higher than the temperature, the rainy day temperature is lower, and the number of spray is less or no spray.

Light management

I am afraid of strong light, need to be maintained in half, or 70% shade it. Putting in the indoor maintenance, try to put the bright place in the light, and move every other, two months to the outdoor half or shade for a month, to accumulate nutrients and restore the longitude.

Fertilizer management

There are many fertilizers, but most is most afraid of chaos, fertilizers and deflection nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, requires the fertilization (water) principles of “light fat, less quantity, and complete nutrition”.

Humidity requirements

The relative humidity of the air must be maintained after the cutting is 75 ~ 85%. You can increase the humidity by spraying the interval, 1 to 3 times a day, the more the number of times the temperature is spray, the lower the rainy day temperature, the lower the number of times, less or no spray. But excessively spray, the cutout is easily rotted by the pathogenesis, as many types of germs are present in the water.

Summer maintenance

1. Strengthen air convection, so that the temperature in the body can exist;

2, put it in half, or shade it 50%;

3, give it proper spray, 2 to 3 times a day.

Winter maintenance

1. Move to the bright local maintenance of indoor light;

2, in the outdoor, the film can be packaged more winter, but every two days will open the film to make it breathable when the temperature is higher at noon;

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