Purple flower culture method

one. Soil

Ziwei has a strong environmental adaptation, and the general cultivation can be applied.

Conditional can be used to cultivate deep fertile sand soil, mostly conducive to the growth of Ziwei.

two. Watering

Ziwei’s drought and taboo, can poured a green water in front of the spring of the spring, and put a frozen water after falling in autumn, pay attention to “not doing without drying”.

In the spring and drought, it is necessary to water for 1-3 times; the drainage work in the rainy season should be done well, avoid the rotten root caused by the water; autumn is generally not watering.

three. Light aspect

Ziwei grows in full light, otherwise there will be small and even flowers in the flowering period, and more serious will make the whole plant grow weak.

Four. Temperature

After the long-standing Ziwei plants are very cold, but the cold and heat preservation work for seedlings must be done well.

After the cultivation reaches the three-year life, you can stop insulation.

five. Fertilization

Similar to the watering time, fertilization once before spring germination, fertilizing it once after falling in autumn.

It can be applied to people who are urinary or numbweles, which can promote the growth of the plants to be more prosperous, and the flowers are more beautiful.

six. Trim

Since the inflorescence of Ziwei is born in the top of the new branch of the year, it is necessary to pay attention to the rear shrinkage of the annual branches, which is conducive to concentrating nutrients, making the branches more robust.

Branches, lower dragons, sick branches, dry branches, slender branches, the sedation of the plants, the lateral branches of the plants, and reduce the consumption of nutrients to ensure the upper portion of the main plant of the plant. Have a good tree crown formation.

seven. Pest

Ziwei is easily insected by pests such as velvet, yellow thorns and big moths, should take measures such as spray in time to prevent treatment.

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