Purple flower maintenance precautions

one. Watering

The potted Ziwei in the home also needs to accept sunshine in the same outdoor imitation, even if it is a high temperature environment, it is generally not needed.

The cultivation position should be selected as much as possible on the tiles away from the wall and the soil floor, and the temperature of the wall is not in the air, and the growth is not good for the growth of Ziwei.

The watering of the four seasons should follow the guidelines for “no do not pour, pouring the basis”, and the specific watering amount should be determined according to the actual humidity of the basin. If there is a potential to leak in the potting soil, it should be treated in time. Basin density.

Spring sprouts, summer cybery period and flowering period should be submitted with fertilization, and the second year of the autumn will control water, try to keep the basin soil.

two. Cutting

It is divided into two kinds of tender branches and hard branches. Generally, the tender cutting in the plum rainy season, the hard branch cutting in the spring, the survival rate is good.

The cutting should choose a thick and robust branches in the long-tempered mother strain, trimming the branches of about 10-15 cm, and the depth of the cut is around 8-10 cm.

It is usually rooted after 20 days, and it is necessary to properly cover up and moderately water, the branches have a high survival rate, which can be as long as about 60-80 cm.

three. Flownary

Ziwei itself has strong branches, and there are many tips. Therefore, the residual flowers after the flowering period will cause the plant’s new hair, so that the next round of flower branches will be promoted as soon as possible, so that the flowering period is extended.

At the same time, it is also necessary to cut off the length of the branch, the disease, stacked branches, and wear the branches to prevent excessive consumption.

Four. Fertilize

Poser planting should be planted on Ziwei should apply a base fertilizer, the new branch, and can be touched in the autumn, and in winter.

In addition, summer high temperature weather and rainy weather should not be fertilized, other time fertilization should follow the criterion of “thin fat”.

The amount of fertilizer is easy to make the branch leaves, and the fertilizer is too easy to make the branches are weak, the leaves are yellow, and the long-term weakness of the whole plant, there is a small or flowing flow.

five. Replacement

Potted Ziwei is best replaced once every 2-3 years.

It can be made according to the loose mountain soil: pastoral soil: the ratio of the fine horses (5: 3: 2) to mix the cultivation, the base fertilizer can choose organic fertilizer (bone powder, bean powder, etc.).

Pay attention to avoid direct contact with fertilizers, otherwise it will roast root injury and endanger the normal growth of plants.

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