Purple -leaf Xiaoyu planting methods and disease prevention and treatment

Purple planting of purple leaves

Purple -leaf small crickets have strong adaptability and strong vitality, so extensive management can be divided into pots or transplanting pots in spring. If it can be transplanted with soil, it is more conducive to recovery. Purple leaf small crickets have strong adaptability, cold and drought resistance. The environment with sufficient light and cool and humid environment is also resistant to semi -yin. The sandy soil with good drainage is suitable for its growth. Purple -leaf small crickets are not strict with water, but it is necessary to pay attention to proper water control. The soil during the seedling soil will cause rotten roots. In the summer season, the purple leaf small pupae need to be kept in the semi -yin; watering should be grasped to see the principle of dry and wet. Although the purple leaves are more drought -resistant, long -term drought is not conducive to its growth. Therefore, when dried at high temperature, it is necessary to cool down water and heat and humidify. It can be transplanted in spring or autumn, and the root band is better.

Purple -leaf Xiaoyu trimmed the whole pruning

Purple leaves are highly cute, and appropriate trimming can be carried out during planting to promote new branches. Before or before the winter or before the early spring, the dense branches or short -cut branches can make the entire plant shape perfect.

Purple -leaf small 害 disease prevention and treatment

The most common disease of Purple Leaf Xiaoyu is white powder. Once infected with white powder, the branches and leaves will wither, which affects the ornamentality and the liquid is not conducive to the growth of the entire plant. In addition, the spread of powder disease is extremely fast, so once it is found, it should be dealt with immediately. You can spray 1000 times liquid ketone at the leaf surface, once a week, 2-3 times a week to basically control the disease.

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