Raise these pots of flowers at home, and the day is smooth and smooth

Smooth sailing

Everyone buys a smooth sailing and placed at home. In fact, it is mainly for its meaning. The business is booming and the sailing is smooth. Who will not like it? And this kind of plant likes to scattered light, just right in the room ~

Placement location: Just place it directly in the living room, or at the door, and I wish those who wish to go out all the way. Daily maintenance: Huahua recommends that everyone can choose the white palm of hydroponic, which is simpler to maintain. In addition to not letting it see it Except for direct light, be careful not to let the hydroponic bottle be lacked. Do not bloom: The white palm does not bloom, the main reason may be that the light is overcast. Put the white palm in the bright living room, or on the east and west balconies. The white palm of the hydroponic may be insufficient fertilizer. When you can add water, add 1 to 2 drops of nutrient solution ~

Opportunity Knocks

Fortune is actually a kind of pineapple, but because it blooms brightly and is very reddish, it is given the name of Hongyun’s head.

Placement location: It is probably the name of this name. Therefore, when Huahua strolled around the flower market, it often saw it. Moreover, pineapple flowers are red, and the living room at home is also booming. It is very good whether it is color or meaning ~ daily maintenance: and the maintenance of pineapple is also very simple, put in the indoor scattered light to maintain, and it must be used to water when watering. The cup of Hongyun is poured ~ because the root system of Hongyun’s head is not very developed, mainly using leaves to absorb water ~

Rich bamboo

Placement location:

Fugui bamboo should be the most commonly bought by everyone ~ The name is nice, and the face value is still high. It is usually placed in the living room, the bedroom is all possible ~ What to do if you do n’t take root: But the flowers often meet the problem of rich bamboo do not take root. The wealthy bamboo you buy back must be changed every day. Especially in the summer, the water is easy to be easy smell. The second is the temperature. As long as the temperature can be kept at about 20 ° C, you can take root in about 1 week. What to do after rooting: After rooting, change the water once a month, and you can usually add water. Do not put it in a place where the sun is direct. It is better to put it in the living room.

Peace tree

The flower buddy who bought this kind of green plant must be for this name. I must want to buy this kind of green plants and settle at home, and the family will be peaceful and smooth!

Placement location: It is actually very simple to raise Ping An Tree. You can usually put it on the balcony, but remember to shade at noon in the summer, or you can put it in the indoor living room, because it is also very shade -resistant ~ Daily maintenance: Watering must be watering: Watering needs to be watering. Seeing dry and wet, take a look at 3cm before you add water. If you do it, water it, and you need to pour it through. If you are worried about the waterless watering, you can pour it again after 2 hours. The situation of water ~ Moreover, you must pay attention to the ventilation ~ The ventilation is not smooth, the water is not easy to dry, and it is easy to do it if it is not dry.

Happy tree

Buying a happy tree is to make the whole family happy ~ It is the name of its name ~ in order to make the people at home feel their blessings ~

Placement location: It is very simple to raise a happy tree, just put it in a place with good indoor light. The amount of evaporation is relatively large, usually once a week of water ~

Wealth tree

Do you still use Huahua to say more? Basically, you will plant such a family who wants to get rich ~

Daily maintenance: The maintenance of the fortune tree is mainly concentrated on the watering. Nine rich trees have nine trees that are poured to death! Generally, the fortune tree is almost the same once a month, but now it is summer, it can be once every half a month. Small fortune trees should be watered more frequently.


Why does Huahua put the bergamot too, because the meaning of the bergamot is auspicious and happy, all year -round! If it wasn’t for Huahua’s home, it would not be big enough, so I couldn’t wait for another pot!

Daily maintenance: Watering is very important for the breeding of bergamot, because the roots of the bergamot are shallow and the absorption ability is relatively weak, so the watering should be diligent! Keep the surface of the soil wet, don’t kill it! If there are more results in the bergamot, there are more fertilization. The end of July to the end of September is the period when the fruit is enlarged.


Wannian, the name is very nice ~ In addition, it is rich, auspicious, peaceful, longevity, and longevity is not expensive and easy to raise. It is too suitable to buy a pot of home ~

Daily maintenance: Pay attention to when you water it for thousands of young youths. If you do n’t dry or pour it, you must not accumulate water, otherwise it is very easy to rot the roots ~ It is better to do more water and not accumulate water! Placement location: Wan Nianqing’s requirements for lighting are not very strict, generally need a half -shade environment, so it is best to place it in the living room directly ~

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