Red flower breeding method and precautions

Farming method


Prepare the potted soil in advance, choose fertile loosely riculous soil. Choosing a ball must choose a big head and full of strong balls without mycar spots.

In the fall, the ball cultivation in the flower pot, in principle, one basin, but according to the size of the plants and the flower pot, a pot of 4 to 6 strains may be planted, and the lathe is 5 ~ 8 cm after planting.

In the week after planting, place the flower pot in the cool ventilation, one week can be moved to the brightness of light.


The safflower is usually planted in the fall, and the winter and spring season for their long-term, the climate is cold and drought, and it is necessary to properly water.

After 20 days after planting, it is a seedlings before planting. Pouring lyophilized water in the winter to increase the temperature of the soil. Pour water in mid-April to reduce the harm of dry hot air.

When watering is watered, when the temperature is low, do not cast water, the temperature of the water is comparable to room temperature, so as not to affect the growth of the pottea.


It should be added to the potted soil before planting, such as cake fertilizer, manure, fire, grass ash, chicken duck, etc., and should be placed in some phosphate.

After planting the root, the thin liquid fertilizer of nitrogen and phosphorus balance can be administered every 10 days. Fertilization is sophisticated, so as not to cause leaf blanks, affect the growth of flower buds.

After the red flower is blooming in October, it should be subtred once to 2 times to 2 nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium-pacific speed fertilizers to facilitate the growth and development of the bulbs, so that the stem can be blooming in the coming year, and there is enough nutrients.

Ball storage

In late April to May, some branches on the Red Flowers on the Red Flowers were gradually yellowing, and the seed ball can be dig out from the basin. After digging out, classify the breeding, for rot, long-proof seed balls, or clear, or throw away.

Place the red flower in the yarn bag, stored in a small light, cool, ventilated place, keeping indoor drying. Fall can replace it.


Selection of breeds

The saffron in the winter and spring season, the faders can choose different varieties as needed. It is recommended to choose the spring flowering variety, the spring environment is relatively good, and the seeds are stored in time, and the flowering time has time.

Potted size

Planting pots should be selected from 15-20 cm, or a good breathable plastic basin. Planted 4-6 big balls per potting, planting in 9-7 months. It can also be used with small pots, 3 ~ 5 cm black plastic basins, one pot.

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