Red palm breeding method

1, soil choice

When family breeding, you can buy a configuration in the garden store. After going home, a small amount of ceramics or dry bark were added to the nutrient soil we bought. Ceramics: Dried bark = 2: 1. However, the soil planting the red pape should maintain good permeability, and the drainage is good.

Before planting, the soil must be disinfected, but if you are ready to have a dedicated soil, you can save this step, and disinfection is to let the reddow have a smaller chance to suffer from pests.

2, temperature requirements

The most suitable growth temperature of the broccoli is 14 ~ 35 ° C. Winter temperatures below 10 ° C, the black palm is easy to be frozen, and the temperature will be warmed in time. The summer temperature is higher than 35 ° C, and the water is sprinkled around the black patrol.

3, how to add fat

Reddown is fertilized, the demand for magnesium fertilizer is higher, it is best to go to the professional flower shop to purchase a highly elevated foliar compound. Or use water-soluble composite fertilizers into liquid fertilizers to fertilize. Spray once every week during growth. Adhere to the principle of “thin fat when fertilization, Ning less do not, but will directly burn the seedlings ~

4, watering cycle

The watering of the broccoli is required to be carried out according to the degree of dryness of the basin. According to the rules summed up, we have to three days in the Spring and Autumn Festival. Two days in summer, and in the summer, it should be appreciated by noon, spray the leaves, increase humidity. Winter, 5 ~ 7 days, water can be placed.

When the weather is cold, water is watering between 9:00 pm. Pay attention to dry and humidity when watering is watered, avoiding watering in the case of severe water, affecting the growth and development of the reddum.

5, pay attention to control humidity

High temperature and high humidity is the environment of the black palm. The humidity is related to the temperature, the room temperature is higher than 28 ° C, and we need to manually increase the humidity of the room. It can be humidified by humidifier or sprinkling, when the temperature is below 20 ° C, keeping the indoor environment humidity, no need to water.

In winter, even if the temperature is higher, it is best not to cool down and moisturize. The velocon night leaves are overwhelly reduced their improving ability, so that they are frozen, which is not conducive to winter.

6, prevention and treatment of pests and diseases

The most of the pests that occur most of the hawwear is a red spider, nematode, vegetable green pole, white powder, thistle, snail, a chopped insect, which is especially red spiders, nematodes, and vegetables. But the reddum is very sensitive to insecticides. If you can only use insecticides, it is preferred to use low concentrations. Telling a little more concern that copper-containing pesticides, such as smooth fruit, enemy daunting, malaternophosphorus, phosphorus, methylamine phosphorus, etc., it is best not to use.

7, how to trim

In order to let the red patrol avoid too much consumption, we should cut the dead branches in time during the growth of the red palm, and the craftsmanship of the public, there is “three-tone two-shear”, that is, the direction, adjust Plants, sprouts, cut, scissors, scissors.

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