Reline breeding method and precautions

Ruo’s farming method

Water fertilizer management

The demand for water and fertilizer is relatively large. During the growth of the rock, you must do water fertilizer management.

In general, when the plant length of the ruthenium is a certain size, it can be put into a certain amount of base fertilizer when it can be transplanted or on the pot, and then it can be fertilized once every month. In addition to the fixed fertilization, it is necessary to submit 1 to 2 times before flowering to ensure that there is sufficient nutrients. When fertilization, nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer or granule fertilizer is good, ensure that the growth of the grown growth is sufficient, and it is not possible to expose some kind of scales.

When 茑 茑 is transplanting, be sure to pour water, just pour a water once a week, to ensure the supply of moisture. However, as the growth and temperature of the plants, the watering time should be changed, and the water is changed from the water to the potted water every day, keep the pot soil moist and not accumulated.

Light and temperature

In the tropical area of ​​Ru Luo, the characteristics of the tropics are high temperature and light is sufficient. So the slap is warm, not cold, fear of frost. The temperature of the growing environment is high, when the temperature is low, the growth of the rock will slow down.

The Radi requires sunshine, most types are not strict, but also guarantee that light is sufficient.


Luochao requires not strictting soil requirements, but it is good to make fat and fertile, you can choose fertile soil to the Yang.

Radix’s breeding precautions

茑 茑

Radol can be planted, cutting and strip reproduction. Breeding is mainly based on sowing, simple method, and 茑 茑 can self-broadcast.

Pests and disease prevention and control of 茑 茑

The strong life is strong, good adaptability, generally there is no pests.

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