Remember, these 7 things will die after doing flowers!

1 Use soil casually!

No matter what flowers, use a kind of soil, just dig out. In fact, different flowers have different requirements for the soil. For example, succulent like loose and breathable soil, gardenia flowers like acidic soil, rhododendron grows poorly in clay. If you want to raise flowers, choose the soil is the key!

2 Watering!

When you think of it, you ca n’t remember it. Of course, you do n’t live long. Many flower friends do n’t know how to water the flowers. Some of them are poured at three o’clock a day, and some do n’t find it when they die. In fact, whether the flowers should be watered, it depends on the dry and wetness of the soil. Pay attention to it. Observation, watering when it is found, it is so simple.

3 never fertilize!

As the saying goes, the crops have a flower, and they depend on fat. If there is no nutrients, how can the flowers grow well? Many flower friends have never fertilized the flowers, causing many flowers to only have long leaves and not bloom. He often wondered why he did not bloom, and he had to find the cause from himself.

4 never change the pot!

After a year or two in the flower pot, the root system will be very developed, and some flowers have broken the pot. Then the flower friend knows that he will change to a new pot. Under normal circumstances, the flowers that usually grow in the pot for a year or two need to be changed. Replace the new soil and allow plants to grow more nutrients.

5 never trim!

I do n’t know how to cut the residual flowers. The leaves are yellow and I do n’t know to pick yellow leaves. The sick branches and branches and branches grow up. They have never trimmed. Of course, the flowers are not good.

6 Any move!

When plants adapt to a place, do not move the pots at will, especially when the buds are blooming, and change the position at will, which is particularly easy to lead to falling flowers and buds. Some flower friends, just bought flowers, moved here for a while, and put it there later, it was very easy to cause flowers to die.

7 No matter how you ask!

In fact, the flowers and children are about the same, and they all need to be attentive and dedicated. The reason why it is not good at raising flowers is because you are not attentive. If you buy it, you can put it. Oh no.

Let’s talk about how you raised the flowers to death ~

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