Rich bamboo has not been yellow for 10 years, just put some small things in the water!

Add some charcoal in the water

When hydroponic and rich bamboo, you can add a piece of charcoal to the hydroponic bottle. Charcoal can play a role in sterilization and anticorrosion, so it can keep the water quality clean and hygienic and reduce bacterial infection. In this way, the root of rich bamboo will be cleaner and hygienic, and the probability of rotten roots will be reduced, which can also reduce the condition of yellow leaves.

Add rusty iron nails in the water

This is a small trick summarized by many flower friends, which is to add a rusty iron nail in the bottle of the rich and expensive bamboo to replenish the iron element to the rich bamboo. When the rich bamboo lacks iron, the leaves are yellow. But this effect should be slower. I do n’t know if the flower friends have used this method. You can comment in the comments.

Sulfate in the water

The easiest way to see quickly is to add a little sulfate to the hydroponic bottle. There is not much dosage. According to the manual, this method is generally used.

Gas in the water

When wealthy bamboo just started hydroponic, because there was no long root and the leaves were not sufficient, it was easy to cause yellow leaves. To avoid the probability of yellow leaves, it was to let it take root as soon as possible. Therefore, when everyone is rich and rich, adding a little root powder to the hydroponic bottle can make the rooting speed as soon as possible, thereby reducing the situation of yellow leaves.

Nutrition of nutrients in the water

When wealthy bamboo is rooted, you need to replenish nutrition in time to promote the healthy growth of branches and leaves. If nutrients cannot keep up, it is also easy to cause yellow leaves. Conditional flower friends can buy some special hydroponic nutrients, each half of each one, each half of it Add once a month, but do not add when the temperature is high, it is easy to cause water quality infection.

Maintenance method

The above Huahua introduced you how to prevent rich bamboo and yellow leaves from the five tips. So when we buy the rich bamboo home, how to maintain it?

1. Just buy the rich bamboo home, the first step is to remove the yellow and dry leaves.

2. Use a sharp wallpaper knife to cut the bottom of the rich bamboo for forty -five degrees. In order to prevent germs from infection, the wallpaper knife can be burned with a lighter first to play a disinfection.

3. Later, soak the rich bamboo in the rooted water to promote rooting.

4. Finally, insert the rich bamboo into the hydroponic bottle, pour the water prepared in advance, and put it in a cool and ventilated place for maintenance.

5. Before the long root, the frequency of water change can be worn more to avoid water quality infection. After the root is long, the root system can automatically purify the water quality, and then the number of water changes can be reduced. Every time you see water without water, add water in time.

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