Rose flower breed appreciation (graphic)


Powder Rose belongs to Rosaceae, Rosacea, typical wild viewed laid climbing shrubs. A variant of wild rose. Small leaves are large, usually 5-7. Flower pink, large flowers, single petals, pink or rose red, multi-flower cluster is organic. The fruit is smaller, few seeds or no seeds.

Seven sisters rose

“Seven sisters” is deciduous or semi-often green bush, stalks, and climbing, usually a skin thorn. Flower monochrome or form an umbrella flower, born in the top of the newwell, the flower diameter is typically about 2 cm, the flower is white, red, pink, purple, petal single flap or half heavy petals, heavy flap.

Fruit near sphere, brown, spectacular from May to June, fruit September to October. “Seven sisters” is heavy petals, dark red, large flowers, 5 to 7 cm in diameter, 7 to 10 intensive cone parachute box, have a fragrance.

Lotus rose

The lotus rose is a deciduous shrub, a flower flap, a fresh peach red, a similar lotus. Rose is dark red, spherical to ovate, with a diameter of about 6 mm. Flowers from May to July, while the fruit is October.

Yellow rose

Huang Rose is a short bush; often bow; flowers are bright, spend a period early, to cherish the gardening world. Fruit flat spheres, purple red to dark brown, hairless, gloss, sepal deposits. Flowers from May to June, fruits from June – August.

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