Rose flower breeding method and precautions

1, sunshine

Rose flowers are beautiful and wood, growing well in a sunshine, colorful color. You don’t need to be shade during your growth, the stronger the light, the better, not afraid of no sun, you are afraid of insufficient sunlight.

2, moisture

Rose flowers are afraid of wet, from beginning to bloom, can put a little water properly, ensure that the soil surface is wet, but no water. Don’t water, don’t water, see you see wet, rainy days, but you should drain it in time.

Watering way should also be noted that do not water water during the flowering, especially when the sun is strong, do not let the leaves and the flowers to avoid burning flowers.

3, nutrient

Rose flowers are fertilized, and they can grow up, no matter if they are enough. The usual fertilization method is:

Fertilizers 1 to 2 times in March, mainly the growth of the branches and leaves in the production of nitrogen-containing liquid fertilization. 2 ~ 3 times in May, 2 to 3 times, based on phosphorus potassium fertilizer, promote the flowering of the context; after Huayi, a compound fertilizer is applied, and the recovery of plants is promoted.

In addition to this, try not to fertilize, so as not to fertilize excessive influence of plant flowering.

4, anti-repeat

Rose is beautiful, but it is also weak, often infects many diseases. Most of them are fungal diseases, and sprayed the Wordian liquid or methylbinjin solution in time, and the drug prosthesis in the home is better. Usually pay attention to the resistance of rose flowers, increase phosphorus potassium fertilizer during fertilization.

5, precautions

Rose flowers are very strong, grow up, must trim in time. It is also necessary to trim to launch, to ensure the light and ventilation of the branches.

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