Rosemary breeding method and precautions

Farming method


Rosemary is a kind of vanilla, like a cool and dry environment, the flower pot is very important for it. It is best to take care of the potential gas permeability. As for the size of the flower pot, the diameter is about 20 cm. Too big, the water is not good, plus the rosemary grows slow, and does not require too much growth space.


If the earth, the ordinary garden is enough, and a small amount of fertilizer is added to the soil before planting.


It is enough to fertilize two or three times within a year, with a rotted organic fertilizer, put in the soil of the flower pot. Thin fat duty can also be, and the fertilizer used in time does not need too much. Specifically, according to the growth of the plants, appropriate fertilization.


Watering, summer needs to poured, and when the summer is high, don’t water, each time in the morning and evening. Other seasons generally poured a water in a week, during the maintenance, watering according to the basin, if it is dry, it needs to be water.


Rosemary is a more cold-resistant plant, winter can be placed on the semi-closed balcony, and there is no problem in -5 ° C. Therefore, there is no need to take warm measures in winter. But your area winter temperature is below -10 ° C, it is recommended to move to the room! Summer is high, and it should be lowered in time to promote its growth.


Don’t cast a large water

In fact, the fadie is watering, and the fadie of the first to raise a gravel needs attention. Although the summer is high, although it is necessary to water, it is not possible to pour the water, the plants are easy, and grow slowly. This kind of situation will also occur in addition to the planting plants.

Don’t use fertilizers

Rosemary needs to apply enough fertilizers after flowering, promote its long-lasting, but it is best not to use fertilizers to avoid the phenomenon of burning. Usually planted in the home, you can also poured a little fermented rice water.

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