Rua Tao’s breeding method and precautions

Environmental choice

Pu Tao likes light, high-temperature and humid, soil selection, loose, humid, thin soil, some organic fertilizers. Suitable for places where the vesicle is planted, it is most suitable with a microaly acidic sand. Avoid frost, afraid of drought. The conditions of temperature differences in the day and night are conducive to the improvement of fruit quality.

Moisture requirements

When the lactane seedlings, try to water, 10-15 days after the growth is stable, and the ambient temperature is enhanced. After that, with the growth of the seedlings, proper control, often turned into the tower, and now the water is watered once. The flowering knot should keep the soil moist state, and the drought should be watered frequently. It is generally started at 1 week after the beginning of the beginning, the flowering period, and the flowering period will stop watering the water 5 days before harvest.

Fertilization requirements

If you are in planting, it is generally no longer chasing after growing. If the basic fertilizer is insufficient, the toppet must be chased early, with a seeding, should be dictated with urea or a diamine in the seedling period, such as a vagrant signs, and the leaf surface sprayed 500 times of boss. 3-4 years after planting, fertilization can be deeply embedded, and the compound fertilizer is applied to 2,0.1 kg for each young tree.


After planting, it is necessary to remove grass pine in time, the specific method is: according to the growth of the plant, weeds twice each year, on, and in the second half of the year. Clean the weeds around the roots and trim them according to the tree.


Po Tao has a strong adaptability of the environment. It is simple in maintenance. It usually pays attention to sufficient water and hypertrophy.

The flower, seeds and bark of Pu Tao have a certain medicinal value, can treat diabetes, dysentery and other diseases. However, do not eat at will during the maintenance process, should follow the doctor’s advice.

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