Several common problems of immortal ball farming

How to safe winter

The fairy ball likes high-temperature hot environments. Winter should be placed in the room for maintenance, keeping room temperature at 5 ° C, wintering, preferably plastic film.The cactus drought tolerant plants, so the winter basin needs to be kept dry and wraps 50.Conduct it normally after it is clear.

What should I do if my cactus does not spend?

Most of the cactus reaches 3-4 years, will flow.Some of the cactus did not bloom. The reason is that due to the long-term place where there is no sunshine in the room, there is no sunshine, hindering the normal development of plants and photosynthesis, wants to make the cactus blossom, should be maintained at 20 ° C, andSee light in four seasons a year.

What should I do if the top of the cactus?

If the cactus occurs in the top, we can move it to a sunshine, but it is not able to put it completely in the sun, otherwise the sphere will receive burns, thus rot.It is best to move to the sun after 15 days, so that it fully accepted the light.Make the extensive part gradually returns to the original look.

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