Several common problems of potted Zhenanas

What should I pay attention to with potting plants?


Potted Zhuanani acidic soil should and use mixed cultured soil breeding with peat soil.


The growth environment of the Zhuanan needs sunlight, but the light should not be too much, the Zhenan is not a dark environment, so adding its scattered light as much as possible, so that the blade is red and glossy.


Potted Pugana should pay attention to changes in air humidity in summer, and water should be watered twice daily.

Change the pot, trim

In the early spring, pay attention to change the basin, trim, and promote branches, so that the plant is full of full.

What are the requirements of hydroponic?


Breeding, Zhuan should choose a robust plant. Use Qingshui to clean the roots, cut off the excess root, plug it into the bottle, and water.

Control water level

The water level needs to be appropriately reduced, and the water rare plant should be low, and the sun irradiation should be avoided during its rooting.

Temperature light

The new root length requires repeated replenishment light, and room temperature should be maintained above 5 ° C.

Method for making strains

The potted Pugana after wintering, the old leaf falls off and ugly. Therefore, in order to make the plant type full, it can be trimmed in the spring, and the disease is taught in a short intercept, the next part is cutting, then replace the potting soil re-cultivation, put the Zhenanan to the place where the Zhenan is half-yin, strengthen The humidity of the air, the potter is biased, and the 1-2 liquid fertilizer is filled. This growing strain will become full, and the blade will be updated.

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