Several common problems of tulip breeding

How to store tulips

After the tulip is blooming, if you don’t need to collect seeds, you should cut off the residual flow in time to make nutrients in the growth of new bulbs.

Excavation of bulbs

When the tulip leaves are yellow, they will dig the bulbs. They will cause the tulips that do not have to be unnecessary. When the scalp is dug, they need to remove the soil, and put it in a cool place, according to the size, load paper bags.

Storage sculpture

The bulbs after the new dish should be stored in the air circulation, it is best to place it in the room. Due to the stems of tulips, the leaves, the flowers need to differentiate during storage, so the temperature stored at 15-18 ° C is most suitable.

During the storage process, it should be often checked whether the bulbs have rot, if found, need to be discarded in time and prevent the appearance of the mouse.

How to improve tuliers

Tulips need to be seeded, which can achieve better varieties, increase the implementation of phosphorus potassium fertilizer during the flowering period, and reduce watering for artificial pollination. When tulips blossom, pollen will fall, so you need to divide it in the morning, put in a ripe pistil, a bag, continuous 3 times. The fruits of the plants should be collected in time, placed in the indoor ventilation, put the seeds in the paper bag, waiting for the sowing.

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