Several delicious and beautiful potted plants

Cherry Tomato Pot

Cherry tomato, when you hear this name, everyone may wondering, is this potted planting or tomato? In fact, this cherry tomato is a small tomato or a virgin fruit that we often say. Because the cherry tomato’s plant is small, it is a plant that is very suitable for the potted plants of the family. After the cherry tomatoes grow, it will grow. This virgin fruit can be taken down to eat, and it is naturally no harmful. She decorates her home and satisfies the heart of food.

Celery potted

I believe everyone is no stranger to celery. In daily life, many people like to eat celery, as well as some celery fried meat slices, raw fried celery and other home -cooked dishes, but few people have heard that celery can also be used as potted plants. Potted plants can not only purify the air, but also look eye -catching. People who deal with computer mobile phones for a long time look at the green plant potted plants. It is still very good. What do you think, how about celery in the delicious and beautiful potted potted potted plants?

Potted plants

Pot potted plants can be said to be very practical. In addition, because the grapes are vines, the plasticity is very strong. You can trim the grapes into your favorite look according to your preference. After the grapes mature, the purple fruits and emerald green The leaves look very harmonious. You can fill in the mouth. Whether the potted plants meet your little wishes, you can enjoy it and consume it.

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