Several kinds of balcony potted vegetables suitable for family cultivation

Several kinds of balcony potted vegetables suitable for family cultivation


Amaranth plants like to live in a warm place. The normal growth temperature is 23 ~ 27 degrees. The soil that plant amaranth must be wet and there is no strict requirements for air humidity. Amaranth is a relatively easy -to -plant leafy vegetable, which is not easy to be harmed by insects.

Vermal vegetable

The requirements for the planting environment for air vegetables are not high, high temperature resistance is not cold and cold, and can grow under the conditions of high temperature in summer, but the root will die after being cold. To prevent pests and insect pests, pay attention to sufficient amount when watering, so that the soil should not be dry. The growth rate of hollow vegetables is relatively fast, but be careful not to be short of water!


The optimal growth temperature of coriander is between 17 and 20 degrees, and it will stop growing more than 30 degrees. Like light. Coriander is more difficult to germinate when planting. It takes about 20 days, and there is also a phenomenon of uneven germination. After germination, it is more happy.


Sprinkle the healthy seeds evenly on the soil, cover the surface with a height of about 1 cm, and can germinate within 5 days after the temperature reaches 20 degrees. Do not have too much moisture during the seedling. After the lettuce is mature, you can pick the leaves on the outside first. After the outside is picked, the middle leaves will gradually mature, so that lettuce can be continuously eaten.

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