Several plastic bottles, planting vegetable walls, eating while eating, not occupying a place

Plastic bottles of vegetables 1


1. Prepare plastic bottles, thin tubes, scissors.

2. Twist the lid and open a hole at the bottom of the plastic bottle. The size of the hole should be stuck in the extent of the plastic bottle mouth, which can be compared with the mouth of another plastic bottle.

3. Cut a hole on both sides of the plastic bottle.

4. Open a hole in the same size as the thin tube on the bottle cap.

5. Packed the bottle of the plastic bottle at the bottom of the bottom, poke it in, and twist the lid.

5. Poke a small hole on the top of the plastic bottle at the top, probably the size of the straw diameter, which can be stuffed in the tube.

6. Put the thin tube in the small hole until the bottom is tied with a few small holes in the place near the soil. After the watering can be poured directly into the thin pipe ~

Plastic bottles of vegetables 2


1. Prepare plastic bottles, ropes, strong wire or iron rods. 2. Pay the perforated bottle cap and the middle part of the plastic bottle, follow the diameter of the wire.

3. Cut a rectangular opening on one side of the plastic bottle, which is the part of the red line.

4. Put the wire along the small hole and fix them on both sides with a rope. hang up.

5. Fill in the soil into the plastic bottle, and then plant vegetables ~

7. After making other plastic bottles, you can hang it up ~

Plastic bottles of vegetable vegetables 3


1. Prepare several plastic bottles, ropes, scissors.

2. Open hole on the unilateral or sides of the plastic bottle. There are 2 holes on the top and 1 hole at the bottom, such as 1 and 2 in the figure below.

3. Use the rope to pass through the two small holes above, just hang it ~ For example, 3 in the figure above ~ Do you still have this abandoned plastic bottle? Then try it quickly!

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