Several precautions of flowering flowers in summer

The growth environment of flowering flowers in summer

Remember not to expose the sun in the sun.The summer in the summer is cool, and the high temperature can easily evaporate the flowers of the flowers.You can move the flowers and trees to the balcony or window sill, and the window hangs tulle to resist the scorching sun, neither affects the light nor the sun.

Stay away from the air conditioner.Every household in summer will inevitably rely on air -conditioning to reduce heat, but the air humidity is too underground, and flowers are prone to leaves dry and coke.Flowers should be kept away from the air conditioner or moved to the window sill to ventilate the flowers.

Nursing method of flowering flowers in summer


Even the fern plant of Xishui must not be watered too much in summer.


Summer flowers show a brutal growth trend. Be sure to make branches in time to avoid excessive consumption of plant nutrients.


Summer is the season when everything grows, as is many pests.Do a good job of prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests in time.

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