Several succulent breeding methods, try it all


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Loire is the meaning of open -air breeding. You can put the flower pots outdoors, or you can simply plant the meat on the ground.

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Loire is the most respected maintenance method in succulent maintenance. Loire can allow succulents to accept the sunlight throughout the day. There are no glass in these sunlight to block ultraviolet rays, and it is easy to raise the fleshy state.

Now spring and autumn, the sun is warm and not violent, which is very suitable for dew. The temperature in summer is too high, and the temperature is too low in winter. It is not recommended to expose it.


Squarer is covered with succulent breeding methods with transparent materials. It allows water to evaporate in a transparent hood and improve the humidity of the air, which can create the effect of greenhouse greenhouses.

Squarebustion is suitable for Yulu’s succulents with twelve volumes of Lily family. After raising the state, Yulu will be tender and tender. Other succulents cannot try sullen easily.

It is not advisable to do it at the same time, otherwise it will easily cause the temperature in the cover to be too high and burning the flesh. At the same time, not to be stuffy, it is best to open the cover at noon. In the end, the sullen cultivation should be carried out in spring and autumn, and it is not advisable to raise it in winter and summer.


Switching refers to scattered light. The astigmatism environment does not accept direct sunlight, but also has bright light.

The word astigmatism is also often mentioned in succulent maintenance, and all sowing, new pots or sick flesh must be placed in the astigmatism environment.

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As long as the indoor environment can be brighter without light, it is a good astigmatism environment.

Specifically, under the premise of direct sunlight, the larger the sky can be seen by the flesh, the better the astigmatism conditions.

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